Taz coloring page taz coloring pages coloring factory coloring page taz

taz coloring page taz coloring pages coloring factory coloring page taz

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Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone(people's psychological needs as well as theirphysical needs must be satisfied if they are to live)Holy cow, Pete! Don't you think about anything but food? After al , man does not live by breadalone.Look! Don't go around thinking that al I care about is food. I know that there's more to life than eating. After al , who but me is doing twenty hours a week of volunteer work at the community center? And who do you suppose spends his weekends as a big brother for underprivilegedchildren?I've never doubted your dedication to helping others. I just think your dedication to food might be somewhat exaggerated. Al that extra weight you're carrying around isn't doing your heart anygood.


Money Does Not Grow on Trees(money is not easily obtained)I can't wait to show you the fabric I found for the drapes in the living room and dining room. Isaw the perfect carpeting for the family room, too. Now we just need to pick out some furniture.Hold it! We just paid a hefty sum of money for the down payment on the house. Thelandscaping also cost a bundle. We'l have to take it easy for a while. After al , money does not grow on trees.I know that money is not easy to come by, but where wil we sit if we have no furniture?What's wrong with our old furniture?It won't match the new carpeting and drapes!Then we'l just have to sit on the floor.

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